What is it?

'Cold weather training'

Kangeiko training takes place in the cold of winter and is often the first hard training of the new year and will help blow away the cobwebs and help focus your training for the year ahead.

As usual training will be supplemented by some superb food cooked by Alain Bangard Sensei and the Kan-Cake-Go ‘bring your own’ dessert to share with everybody.


As a new dojo, many beginners will find the idea of a full seminar a little daunting.  This is the beauty of Kangeiko training.  It's simple, fun, friendly and everyone trains with everyone else.  So even beginners will get a chance to work with and be helped by very high grades. 


Kangeiko 2019 is held as usual at Wolverton, near Milton Keynes.  We'll be taking at least 1 car, maybe two, so if you want to go and train please let me know.  


You will need to a be a BKA member (or temp member) to join in.  The costs for the day are just £10 for training between 10:30 and 17:00 and this includes a fantastic lunch (cooked by Alain Bangard sensei, Vegan options available) tea/coffee.  Bring your own cakes, shop bought or home-made (lots of pride at stake here!) to share with everyone.


Withington Village Hall
Upper Coppice Cl

Wednesday 8pm - 10pm
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